The All-In-One Monitoring Platform

Monitor the levels of functionality for sites, applications, APIs and web services.

Uptime Monitoring

Testing your site’s availability using HTTP, PING, HOST / PORT, or any custom requests with GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS, PUT, PATCH.

Cron Job Monitoring

Keep track of what your cron jobs are doing and make sure everything is working. If the cronjob stops executing, get notified.

Domain Monitoring

Renew your domain on time to ensure it remains safe. We’ll remind you within the proscribed timeframe and when there are changes to your records.

Status Pages

Create beautiful sharable status pages for your projects. Style with with your own logotype and CSS, or select password protection.


Stay informed about your downtime so you can take action as fast as possible by setting up automatic notifications via Mail, SMS, Slack, Discord, and Telegram or with webhooks that connect to other productivity tools.

SLL Monitoring

With SSL monitoring, you can’t only tell when your certificate expires, but also take preventative measures against it.